Twin lakes

Twin lakes: Buyan and Tamblingan is a pair of lakes located in one of the cool climates and very cold at that time of night in the village area of Pancasari, Sukasada subdistrict, Buleleng regency, Bali.

Twin lake is actually a series of lakes consisting of three lakes in the twin and formed a huge caldera. This caldera lake is flanked by two lakes Tamblingan on the west and east of the lake Beratan. While Buyan lake is the largest lake of the three. Among the lakes Buyan and Tamblingan are separated by a distance of one kilometer by locals orchards and a small forest, there is a very clear watery pool that is connected directly to the water source Buyan lake through a narrow canal, the villagers Pancasari, springs or this small pond with lake named stagnant pit of Aya.

All three lakes mentioned above is quite special because the background scenery is still virgin so that the charm of the countryside is still very strong. Being in lane provincial highway that connects the town of Singaraja – Denpasar, close to the Eka Karya botanical gardens, making this tourist area is a favorite place worth to visit and to this day has become one of the mainstay tourist island of Bali. The location is easily accessible lakes, provide some facilities and reasonable accommodation such as a speed boat around the lake to feel the cool air caressing your face or look fat lake mujair or tilapia fish swim happily in the depths of the lake, homestay and restaurant. While in the middle of the lake stands a temple Ulun Danu that holds the magical charm is the greatness of the culture in Bali, a shrine to the Hindhu people of Sang Hyang Dewi Danu as a giver symbol of fertility in rice fields, vegetable and fruit garden local.

In general, the tourists who visit during the tour to this place are adventurous foreign tourists and lovers of unspoilt natural landscape such as hills, rivers, and forests filled with wild orchids that bloom throughout the year and always have economic value is quite expensive so it is protected by local government. Usually they come with their own carrying or driving a vehicle. Rarely use the services of tour and travel to their holiday because of its location within easy reach, the tourists are mostly from a group of students or families.

To complete the event your way, do not forget to bring your camera to accompany your holiday with capture images of photos about your fondest memories interesting as when you take the time to come to this place, trace the narrow streets in the nongovernmental behind the lake, while occasionally look up old and very tall trees where there are thousands of monkeys swinging benign forest while occasionally shouting out loud like telling something to a friend, or arrive at the top of the hill, looking down will look interesting treats the natural charm of the twin lakes in the village Pancasari.