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“Om Swastiastu, My name is Ketut Oka, you can call me Oka. I am Balinese and was born in Tabanan regency middle part of Bali. I am a manager/owner of Bali Oka Driver. OKA driving specialists in sightseeing tours Bali and surrounding regions. Bali driver can take a group of 4 people up to a group of 16 people on our tours. You are not sitting around waiting for people you don’t know who. Bali Oka Driver, We provide a relaxed and informative commentary of the day tours. With a smaller group a tour becomes more flexible and personal. By traveling in our late model Toyota Avanza with double blower air conditioned you can take a little extra time at that location you find interesting. Bottom line is you get better service and more importantly your enjoyment of the tour is enhanced.

Bali Oka Driver is Professional and local driver in Bali.
Friendly, good English, reasonable price.
Do good, Be good. call/text +6281999383690

Package that we offer very flexible so as you can set up their own sites you visit. Contact us now and discuss the itinerary for your tour of Bali. We think you are going to like what we do. Om Santih, Santih, Santih, Om”.

Bali Oka Driver is number one balinese travel online in the paradise island of Bali, with quality Balinese Companies to showcase all Bali has to offer for the ultimate holiday experience. We have successfully assisted thousands of customers worldwide enjoy a wide array of activities & tours while in Bali. Our website is a one-stop shop for researching and booking your perfect Bali holiday.

As we are online based our overheads are low allowing us to keep our prices highly competitive, with the majority of our tours and activities being below the published price you would be charged if booking in Bali. We take care of the booking process for you, from beginning to end, ensuring when you arrive in Bali your holiday will memorable ones. The Bali companies featured on our website have been specifically choose for their high level of professional service and excellent safety record.

Our team at Bali Oka Driver have met with each individual company to ensure they reach the high standards expected by foreigner tourists. Customer Service is the number one priority for all companies we feature ensuring they will go above and beyond to make your holiday special. We are at Bali Oka Driver know the importance of planning a stress free, successful holiday. Our customers are our only focus and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail while providing excellent service and information. Our team of highly knowledgeable and competent staff, aim to make your holiday experience a memory that you will never forget.

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  •     Email Contact  : baliokadriver@gmail.com
  •     WA :+6282144299188
  •     Mobile phone number : +62 819 99383690
  •     Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/oka.suantra
  •     Website : www.baliokadriver.com